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My Salsa Makes All The Pretty Girls Dance

16 Jun

Well at least my new China Glaze in Salsa makes ME want to dance. It’s such a pretty red with a nice shimmer to it. It’s my first “nice” nail polish and I love it!There’s something about red that just really makes my nails stand out. This polish was just calling my name when I was in Sallys.

Here’s some tips to help you manicure last even longer:

Using a basecoat will help prevent that yucky staining that dark nail polishes tend to leave. Using a topcoat adds shine to your nails and helps prevent chipping. My Sally Hansen Double Life Base & Top Coat does both for the price of one =)

If you’re really worried about chipped polish, drag the brush across the edge of your nail. This will leave a little line of nail polish under your nail and further prevent chips.

It won’t necessarily make your manicure last longer, but running semi dry nails under cold water will make them dry faster.

Peace Love & Lipgloss


Let’s Talk About My Nails

8 Mar

I’m becoming quite the little nail polish addict. I got tons of compliments on this color. You can’t quite see the true color in the photo. Its more purple in real life. Its Sinful Colors in Let’s Talk

Peace Love & Lipgloss

My First Nail of the Week

28 Feb

This past week, I’ve been rocking NYC Love Me Red Creme. My mom used to put this color on me all the time when I was little. She loves it on me. I’ll probably get married in this color haha.
What makes me even happier is that I’ve had this color on since Wednesday and not a single chip! What’s my secret? I’ll share with you in the next post =)

Peace Love & Lipgloss