My Latest Goodies!

10 Jun

I just got a new camera, so I decided to break her in by showing you guys some of my latest purchases! I can’t wait to thoroughly try out some of these products.

I’m always looking for cheap but good skin care products. I bought this Formula 10.0.6 Daily Foaming Cleanser and Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizer from Ulta Buy One Get One half off. 2 products for 11 bucks? Not too bad in my book. I haven’t gotten to use them too much, but the cleanser smells sooo good and it does a really good job of removing my makeup. The moisturizer is kinda ehh so far.

Having straight hair in the summer is no fun. This gel lets me wear my natural curls on a daily basis without having to deal with frizz or poof. And the best part? It was only $1.99. I’m definitely going back for another tube or two…or three.

And finally my makeup goodies! After nearly 2 weeks of going eyeshadowless, I finally went out and picked up another Urban Decay Primer Potion. While I was on senior trip, I made my first trip to a CCO. I picked up the cool set of mac pigments from the holiday collection. I’ve got grape, fuschia, deep blue green, kitchmas, and reflects transparent teal. Grape and Fuschia are my favorites because they’re so bright and pigmented. I went to Sephora with my friend Rotce, and she talked me into buying the Stila Eye Kajal used by YouTube Guru MakeupByTiffanyD. It’s so creamy, but I think I may have a found a drugstore dupe. I should have a comparison out by the end of this week.

Peace Love & Lipgloss


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