Introducing Ophelia Cox

13 May

So I wanted to just kinda fill you guys in on some things that I have coming up. I’m so excited about things I have coming up! This weekend I’m doing a photo shoot with my friend Jamie and his friend Cielo. We’re working with two lovely ladies and doing some fun zodiac things. Maybe if I’m lucky, Jamie will let me put him in drag. We’ve been having far too much fun picking out drag names. Mine is Ophelia Cox. I like it =) So of course I’m going to be posting those photos once they’re edited. Be on the lookout.
I’ve also got some very exciting plans for this summer! I’m going to be assisting Lacy aka TheBlondeBunny on some of her photo shoots. I was flipping out when she offered to let me come on some shoots. She’s gorgeous and I love her work. I think it will be a great experience.
I will also be volunteering for an organization called Look Good Feel Better through the American Cancer Society. It’s an amazing organization that teaches cancer patients how to do their hair and makeup in order to boost their self-esteem. As I don’t have a cosmetology license, I can’t actually put makeup on the patients, but I will be assisting the makeup artists. It’s good to know that there’s a place where makeup can be put to such good use. I used to think that makeup would never happen for me and that I’d be doing looks in my bathroom forever. The thought that this is actually happening is so surreal. Who knows how far I can go?

Peace Love & Lipgloss


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