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Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

11 Apr

Time and time again girls ask what color eyeshadow looks good with brown eye? Or I have green eyes, what color eyeshadow am I supposed to wear? What eyeshadow goes with blue eyes? The real answer is whatever you want!

I know it can be confusing when you first start wearing makeup. You walk into Sephora (or Walmart) and there’s a million colors and a million different brands and products, you have no idea what to pick! Here’s my advice, find a color you think is pretty and try it on. Sound simple enough? You’re going to look best in what you think is pretty. Don’t limit yourself to a certain family of colors because Seventeen Magazine or some commercial on TV said it was going to enhance your eyes.

Yes navy blue eyeshadow does look nice with brown eyes. Purples look pretty with green eyes. Brown eyeshadow looks lovely with blue eyes. But so does every other color! Companies that sell “perfectly coordinated quads to compliment your eye color” or whatever are just trying to get your cash. If you have green eyes and you like the blue eyes kit, buy it! The best eyeshadow to compliment your eyes is the one you love the most.

Peace Love & Lipgloss


Sugarpill on a Budget

10 Apr

Everyone has been going crazy for Sugarpill Cosmetics . It’s Shrinkle’s new line and its absolutely gorgeous. As fabulous as it is, my poor little bank account simply can not afford it. So instead, I used my Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette to try and dupe some of the colors in the Burning Love Quad. This is what I came up with. =) Oh and I was blowing bubbles for a digital photography assignment in case you were wondering.

Peace Love & Lipgloss