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My First Nail of the Week

28 Feb

This past week, I’ve been rocking NYC Love Me Red Creme. My mom used to put this color on me all the time when I was little. She loves it on me. I’ll probably get married in this color haha.
What makes me even happier is that I’ve had this color on since Wednesday and not a single chip! What’s my secret? I’ll share with you in the next post =)

Peace Love & Lipgloss


Poison Ivy Inspired FOTD

23 Feb

This look was inspired by a tutorial done by lilpumpkinpie05.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Cappucino
Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle

L’Oreal Eye Crayon in Authentic
Urban Decay Protest
Random Green Eyeshadows from the CS 88 Shimmer Palette
Maybelline Nutmeg

Peace Love & Lipgloss

Fierce Interview Makeup and Hair

23 Feb

Hey pretties!

Today I had my interview for an Air Force ROTC Scholarship. I was super nervous! I had no idea what to wear and information on what ladies should wear can be really hard to find. I think I made some good choices and I had fun with my look. I think it turned out well. Or at least I hope =)

I can be hard to have fun when you have to look professional. One way I made my look a little more fabulous was with my hair. I curled it and then pinned my bangs out of my face with my favorite butterfly hair pin. I made my curls a little more loose and relaxed so they didn’t look so stuffy and uptight.  As far as makeup, I wore


-Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Cappucino

– MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle


Urban Decay Roach Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Smog Eyeshadow

Maybelline Eyeshadow in Nutmeg

L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil – Black

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Here’s a few tips for makeup:

  • DO wear foundation and powder to even out skin tone and reduce shine
  • DON’T wear an incredibly bright blush.
  • DO apply two coats of mascara to emphasize your eyes.
  • DON’T go super heavy on the black eyeliner
  • DO smooth on some chapstick and a sheer gloss (no one likes dry flaky lips)
  • DON’T slick on a bright red lipstick, even if it is your favorite.
  • But most importantly DO have confidence and stay fabulous.

Peace Love & Lipgloss

Manicures for the Nail Impaired

22 Feb

Now I’m going to be honest, I’m not a manicure pro by anyone’s standards. All of this base coat, top coat, buffer, cuticle oil business is all Greek to me.It’s just one of those girly skills that I never picked up on. Back when I was a cheerleader, wearing nail polish was strictly forbidden. Now that the season is over, I’m free to paint my nails as much as I please.

Today, I went to Walgreens in search of nail buffer. My gay friend Brandon has one that made my nails sparkle and shine like diamonds in the sky(love that youtube video lol). I ended up buying the grand daddy of nail buffers, the Sudio 35 Seven Sided Nail Buffer.  This bad boy has 7 sides instead of the usual 4. Its got 3 sides with various roughness for filing nails. Who knew my nails needed that much filing? Well much to my dismay, this buffer didn’t do nearly as good of a job as Brandon’s did. It left my nails meh kinda shiny if that. What’s even worse is it even left major scratches on some of my nails. That’s a big no-no Studio 35.

When I finished buffing my nails, I applied a baby pink polish from the Sephora Collection Lacquer Nail Polish. Big mistake. This stuff is a horrible awful, goopy, streaky, uneven mess. Its got air bubbles and all. I can’t believe I wasted 5 dollars on this crap. I would have been better off with a 2 dollar nail polish from Wet N Wild.

Its my goal to paint my nails every week from now on and expand my nail polish collection. Stick with me pretties and let’s see how this goes.

Peace Love & Lipgloss

My first official post!

20 Feb

I’m so excited to finally be a part of the blog world. I’ve been telling myself for a long time that I was going to do this and I finally worked up the courage to do it. I just want to have my own little corner of the internet to share my love of makeup and all things fabulous.

Peace Love & Lipgloss